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  • Regarding magazines listed: Basically nothing has changed here for years (since December 1999 in fact), but this page is still on my todo-list :) Please keep sending me infos about magazines. I still have some information in e-mails that I have to put online, stay tuned.

About this site

Since I've got my Amiga back in 1988, I've been looking for Amiga-magazines on newsstands all over the world. Having access to mostly German Amiga-magazines, I was always happy to buy other magazines while on vacation. I have found many, mostly on airports, but also at really funny places where no-one would expect to find an Amiga-magazine.

Nearly all the magazines in this list could be bought on newsstands and most of them were quite large (>100 pages an issue) and published for many years. In the 90s, the Amiga at that time was probably the computer with the largest number of magazines published per computers sold.

The list is not complete - I restrict my list to those I got myself or where I receive some review/opinions and cover scans from you - I'd be happy to see your contribution on this page! If you own any printed Amiga-magazine that is not listed, please tell me !

I hope you enjoy this site,

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