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Cover of .info
  • From: USA
  • Since: 198?
  • Status: R.I.P., last issue #49 published April 1992
  • E-Mail: Benn Dunnington (founder, publisher, and editor), Mark R.Brown (managing editor)
This mag caught my eye on a newsstand at Miami airport where I grabbed two issues. I couldn't find any after that, but I'm proud to own those two issues :-) It has articles that are interesting for normal Amiga-users (whatever that is) and not only for whealthy graphics- and video-users.

The layout is very friendly and nice and the issues I got have lots of ads. The mag says it's the first mag ever to be produced entirely with personal computers, and it's 100% done on the Amiga !

Additional infos provided by H.R.Laser. Thanks !

The magazine started as INFO=64, a Commodore 64 magazine and later mutated to INFO (with combined C64/Amiga coverage) and then finally .info with just Amiga coverage. I wrote for about their final 25 issues. I was their "multimedia" columnist and review writer for a few years. I even appeared in one of their cartoons :)

Former editor Mark Brown is now a Netscape book author for QUE books.

Additional infos provided by Benn Dunnington. Thanks !

.info -was- the first commercial magazine in the world to be entirely desktop published (with Professional Page), and it was done so entirely with Amiga computers (unlike Amazing Computing which eventually went to desktop publishing - but using Macs!) I also have several old Amiga-formatted 20MB Bernoulli cartridges with lots of the original text and graphics files from the magazine and would like to transfer them to Mac (what I work with nowadays) or PC formatted Zip or Jaz cartridges, and eventually onto the Web. I have a placeholder at my homepage where I would like to develop the .info Nostalgia Pages when I have more time. Let me know if you know somebody who might be able and willing to translate the old Bernoullis and help make this possible.

Ahoy Amiga

WANTED: Cover of Ahoy Amiga
  • From: USA
  • Since: at least 1988
  • Status: R.I.P.
  • Published by Ion International, Inc.
Infos provided by H.R.Laser. Thanks !

There was also an Amiga spinoff magazine from "Ahoy" whose name I can't remember.. it might have been Amiga Ahoy or not. (My memory is fading here..)

WANTED: More infos about Ahoy

Amazing Computing Amiga

Cover of old Amazing Computing AmigaCover of Amazing Computing Amiga

After Amiga World "died" I subscribed to Amazing Amiga (once known as "Amazing Computing for the Commodore Amiga"). Of course I bought some issues years before that, but it was not as easy to find on newsstand as Amiga World. But guess what, I was really surprised to find Amazing Amiga on a newsstand in Thailand ! (ok, I really travel a lot :-))

This is a great magazine for both Amiga-fans and people interested in computer graphics. However, I wonder how they still keep it going with so few ads. After Video Toaster User stopped publishing, they got some more ads, so I think the mag is kind of safer now. This is a magazine with a long history, let's hope it will be there for a long time to come !

The Amazing Amiga people also published AC's Tech and are still working on a new issue of AC's Guide

AC's Tech for the Commodore Amiga

Cover of AC's Tech for the Commodore Amiga
  • From: USA
  • Since: About 1989 (?)
  • Status: R.I.P.,last issue published in about 1994
  • Homepage:
This is a special magazine that addressed technical issues of the Amiga. There were articles like "how to build your own SCSI-Conroller" or how to program a CAD-software. Very high standard, nearly no ads and it cost a lot, but came including a disk.

It was made by the people who still publish Amazing Computing Amiga and AC's Guide.

AC's Guide for the Commodore Amiga

Cover of AC's Guide for the Commodore Amiga I bought my first AC's Guide in a bookstore in Washington D.C.. It's a huge 280 page book with a complete list of all Amiga related companies, products, user groups etc. around the world. When it was published regularly, you could be sure everything is up to date. Unfortunately it's not easy to make a complete list nowadays since many (most ?) companies aren't in business anymore or have changed address. But at the moment, the vendor registration page in Amazing Computing Amiga is still there and I hope the next issue will be out soon after a long pause. It's made by the people who still publish Amazing Computing Amiga and have once made AC's Tech.

Amiga Computing US edition

Cover of Amiga Computing US edition
  • From: UK
  • Since: 1995
  • Status: R.I.P., last issue published Oct. 97
  • Published: Monthly (if you ask the subscribers, they may answer "yearly")
  • Homepage:
It's the same as the British Amiga Computing but with one or two special articles for the US readers. It was made for ex-subscribers of Amiga World. Also, it only has ads from US companies (or companies that want to reach US readers).


WANTED: Cover of Amigadget Infos provided by H.R.Laser. Thanks !

AmiGadget magazine was published for about 2 years by Jay Gross, who also wrote a number of Amiga books published by himself and by MicroSearch. Each issue came with a disk which are now available on Jay's web site and on the AmigaZone.

WANTED: More infos about Amigadget

Amiga plus

Cover of Amiga plus
  • From: USA
  • Since: May 1989
  • Status: R.I.P., last issue published in about 1991
Well, what can I say, if I would not have found and bought this mag I would have never had the pleasure to play the great game "Ballbench" that is on the coverdisk of Antic's Amiga plus V1 Number 6 :-). Apart from that, it is a good mag with clean but a bit spacey layout. Written for the professional end-user and freak it is interesting to read. It's a bit expensive though ($15), but it claims it had over 70'000 readers.

Additional infos provided by H.R.Laser. Thanks !

Amiga+ was published by Antic in San Francisco. Amiga+ was edited by a guy named Nat Friedland. The asst. editor, Arnie Cachelin, now works for NewTek. You can see his name in many LightWave/Modeler ARexx scripts.

Amiga Sentry

WANTED: Cover of Amiga Sentry
  • From: USA
  • Since: ?
  • Status: R.I.P.
Infos provided by H.R.Laser. Thanks !

Amiga Sentry magazine was published for a few years. I don't remember who published it. It's one of the two or three that I never wrote for.

WANTED: More infos about Amiga Sentry

Amiga World

Cover of Amiga World
Cover of Amiga World
  • From: USA
  • Since: 1985 - The first Amiga magazine
  • Status: R.I.P., last issue published in April 1995
This is the first Amiga magazine ! I've subscribed to it for many years, it really was a great mag. It had great articles on new hard- and software, which back then mostly came from the USA. In fact, ALL great news came from the US, and Amiga World was the first to tell them. Also, it had all the ads from the US companies like NewTek, Digital Creations, GVP, GoldDisk, SoftLogic (remember their ad-war ?) and all the other AMIGA US hw/sw-companies.

It also concentrated on graphics and I really liked the monthly gfx-series. The May issue was the last one, after IDG decided there was no future for it because Commodore was bankrupt (what a stupid decision !). They couldn't even make a "goodbye-issue". Well folks, we'll always remember you, you did a great job ! I still use the "Amiga's 10th Anniversary Year Scrapbook" from the 100th issue to promote the Amiga and often look at an old issue just to think of the "good old times"...

Amiga World Special Issue

Cover of Amiga World Special Issue
  • From: USA
  • Since: ?
  • Status: R.I.P., since Amiga World is dead
From the people that made Amiga World. I only could find one issue, but I think there were more. It's basically an Amiga World mag with a special theme, like Video & Animation. The issue I got is really superb !

Amiga World Tech Journal

WANTED: Cover of Amiga World
Tech Journal
  • From: USA
  • Since: ?
  • Status: R.I.P., since Amiga World is dead
Infos provided by H.R.Laser. Thanks !

From the people that made Amiga World. AmigaWorld Tech Journal was a separate (and expensive!) non-color magazine for Amiga developers, published for a couple years by Amiga World. It was even three-hole-punched so it could be kept in binders as a reference, and it had a "peer review panel" of expert developers who reviewed each article for accuracy.

AX and Graf/X

WANTED: Cover of AX and Graf/X
  • From: USA
  • Since: ?
  • Status: R.I.P.
Infos provided by H.R.Laser. Thanks !

AX Amiga Software & Information, and Graf/X magazines were published on the USA East Coast by a guy named Clyde Wallace. They sometimes came with disks.

Compute's Amiga Resource

WANTED: Cover of Compute's Amiga Resource
  • From: USA
  • Since: 1989
  • Status: R.I.P., last issue published in ?
Infos provided by H.R.Laser. Thanks !

Compute's Amiga Resource magazine started out as a section in regular Compute, then expanded to become a whole magazine by itself, edited by Denny Atkin (who now works for Computer Gaming World) and then back to a section in Compute. Then it vanished, and then Compute itself vanished. (Compute was owned by Bob "Penthouse" Guccione's company, General Media).

Additional infos provided by Dave Pfenninger. Thanks !

The first USA Amiga magazine that I subscribed to was Compute's Amiga Resource. It was a full-color magazine, published bi-monthly (I think), with around 95-100 pages per issue. It later was absorbed into Compute's main magazine, where former Amiga Resource subscribers got a special Amiga edition of Compute. I have probably almost every issue, from the very first one in early 1989, to near the end of the Amiga section of Compute.

Additional infos provided by Daniel Johnston. Thanks !

Amiga Resource was another US mag. It lasted about a year in the late 80's, and this mag was incorporated into Compute! magazine after the company that owned Amiga Resource was boughtout. Compute! also had Compute Gazette for the Commodore 64. Both Amiga Resource and then Compute! could be gotten with or without coverdisks. But with Compute! the coverdisk could have been Amiga, C64 or MS-DOS. The subscriber had to let Compute! know which one he wanted, and if the subscriber wanted both or all three disks then he would have to subscribe 3 times.

Amiga Informer

Cover of Amiga Informer
  • From: USA
  • Since: 1995
  • Status: R.I.P., last issue published in 1999
  • Published: Monthly
  • Homepage:, EMail:
  • Address: The Amiga Informer Zine, Eldritch Enterprises, PO Box 21, Newburgh NY 12551-0021 or 20 Mt. View Ave. Newburgh NY 12550, USA, Tel. +1 914-566-4665
Amiga Informer was the only alternative to Amazing Amiga in the US market for about one year. It ceased publication with issue Nr. 17 though. It's more like a newsletter than a magazine, but the articles are good and there are lots of ads.

It could be bought at selected newsstands and by subscription, although I've never seen it at a newsstand in the USA, but at Amiga-dealers.

Amiga Informer was integrated into Amazing Computing in 1999, some authors continued to write for Amazing, but the informer-logo quickly disappeared from Amazing's cover.

Lightwave Pro

Cover of Lightwave Pro
  • From: USA
  • Since: About 1992
  • Status: R.I.P., last issue published in early 1997
Lightwave Pro was written especially for Lightwave-owners. It's tutorials, tips and tricks were one of the best ways to learn to use Lightwave. The articles were written by the stars of the animation-scene themselves, people that worked on series like Seaquest and Babylon 5 etc.

With only about 20 pages and nearly no ads this mag cost $8, but it was worth it ! I bought about 10 issues and still use them today to see how things are done.

You can call this mag an Amiga-mag since at the beginning, Lightwave was Amiga-only and they always wrote about Amiga-stuff also. The new owner shut the mag down soon after buying it.


Cover of NewTekniques Infos provided by Joe Tracy. Thanks !

The magazine is mostly directed towards LightWave 3D and Aura users, but also contains some coverage of the Video Toaster Flyer. Infos provided by Dhomas Trenn. Thanks !

NewTekniques has expanded to include a new Amiga/toaster/Flyer dedicated section, called "The Gateway".

Robo City News

WANTED: Cover of Robo City News
  • From: USA
  • Since: ?
  • Status: R.I.P.
Infos provided by H.R.Laser. Thanks !

RoboCity News was originally the newsletter of the FAUG (First Amiga User Group) in Silicon Valley, later expanded to a full color newsstand magazine.

Video Toaster User

Cover of Video Toaster User
  • From: USA
  • Since: About 1990 ?
  • Status: R.I.P., last issue published in early 1997
The Amiga was so successful in the USA because of the Video Toaster from NewTek, and so there was and is a demand for a magazine that covers this video computer. Compared to US Amiga magazines at that time, VTU had huge amounts of ads.

It also contains interesting articles for non-toaster users, like graphic and Lightwave-tutorials, reviews of tools and new hw/sw for Amiga.

The new owner shut the mag down soon after buying it. Watch out for a magazine called NewTekniques from ex VTU-editors.

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