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Amiga Action

Cover of Amiga Action
  • From: UK
  • Since: ?
  • Status: R.I.P., integrated into Amiga Computing in 1996
Infos and images provided by Adam Smolarczyk. Thanks !

Amiga Action was merged into Amiga Computing from issue 107, which was the Christmas 96 one. It replaced AC's System games section.

Wanted: More Infos about this mag.

Amiga Active

Cover of Amiga Active I got the first issue of Amiga Active on a newsstand in England, what a surprise to see a new Amiga magazine these days ! The layout is ok, although a bit chaotic, but the contents is very good. Their Homepage is also worth a look.

Amiga CD32

Cover of Amiga CD32
  • From: UK
  • Since: 1993
  • Status: R.I.P., last issue published in 1994
From the creators of Amiga Format this mag was first a supplement of Amiga Format magazine, and was later sold as an own magazine. If the CD32 would have been sold more, this would have been a nice mag of Amiga Format quality. Some of the issues came with a CD

I think only about 2-4 issues were made.

Amiga CD32 Gamer

Cover of Amiga CD32 Gamer
  • From: UK
  • Since: 1994
  • Status: R.I.P., last issue published in early 1996
Amiga CD32 Gamer was a magazine that hoped to catch all those millions of people that ought to buy a CD32, which of course didn't happen. When they had many games to review, it was a good mag with big screenshots and interesting previews.

It came with a CD for CD32 that had both game-previews as well as easy-startable multimedia-demos, anims and pd-software. Alone the CD was worth the price for it, and I guess without these CDs the CD32 would have had only half the software it has now. The CD32 Gamer was what kept the CD32 alive, but unfortunately without new games for CD32 there could be no CD32 gamer.

Amiga Computing

Cover of old Amiga Computing Cover of Amiga Computing This is a very good British Amiga-mag. It stands out from the "crowd" because of it's professional and clean layout. It has always concentrated on the more professional/freak users (except their hundreds of AMOS-articles :-)). Comes with a coverdisk in the UK.

Just as I wanted to write "this mag is here to stay" IDG announced the last issue...

Amiga Format

Cover of old Amiga FormatCover of Amiga Format I need an extra room to fit all the thick Amiga Format mags I have. One X-mas issue was really big, at the time when the A1200 was a best-seller in England. Nowadays it's smaller, too, but still one of the most important Amiga mags.

Amiga Format had to change its style from being a 70%-gamer magazine to 90% non-gamer. Most articles were written for beginners and gamers, today it's different and it has to compete with other British Amiga-mags that want the serious Amiga-user.

Comes with a CD every month (or a coverdisk, but you usually find the CD edition at newsstands). Amiga Format was the first to start the "commercial-program-on-coverdisk" fight. Nice layout and lots of screenshots. When Amiga Format dies, the Amiga in Endland is dead. That says all about the importance of this mag.

Amiga Mart

Cover of Amiga Mart
  • From: UK
  • Since: ?
  • Status: R.I.P. (?)
This one is full of classified ads for Amiga, but also has some articles and reviews in it. I bought it because of the title that says "The new Amiga A5000, world exclusive". Well, it turned out to be a big fake...:-)

It's really a low-cost low-quality mag, but I guess it had its readers.

Amiga Power

Cover of Amiga Power
  • From: UK
  • Since: 198?
  • Status: R.I.P., last issue published summer 1996
From the creators of Amiga Format. Well, the Amiga Format guys always had a weakness for games, so they created their own game-magazine. When games were very popular, this mag got nearly as many pages as Amiga Format, but because of the shrinking Amiga games-market that didn't last.

It is a good mag for games, nice layout, lots of screenshots and an interesting coverdisk.

Amiga Shopper

Cover of Amiga Shopper
  • From: UK
  • Since: (?)
  • Status: R.I.P., last issue published in late 1996
For professional or advanced Amiga-users, this was the UK magazine to buy when most others just published the latest games, as the game-market was the main cause for the Amiga 500 to be sold so well in the UK at those times.

Amiga Shopper was low cost and has interesting articles. But as most other British Amiga-mags changed their style to appeal to advanced users / non-gamers, too, Amiga Shopper had big competition. It started off with no cover disk but had one later, which seems to be standard in England. It got smaller and smaller and...

Amiga Survivor

Cover of Amiga SurvivorCover of Amiga Survivor I've only seen their homepage, more infos needed !

Amiga User International

Cover of old Amiga User International Cover of Amiga User International "If you are serious about the Amiga..." it says on top of the front cover, which describes what this mag is all about. I like the style and layout (which was very bad during the first years), it has good articles and an international touch as far as this is possible with a mag made in the UK.

Comes with one or two coverdisks which always have great programs on them, mostly pd and shareware. A great mag for Amiga-freaks. It's produced and layouted on the Amiga !

CU Amiga

Cover of old CU AmigaCover of CU Amiga CU Amiga can best be compared to Amiga Format. In 1992 it was quite game-oriented but changed to a more professional style later. The layout is ok, it's a good magazine with one or two coverdisks or a CD. On the title page in a 92 issue it says "over 100'000 copies sold every month". Wow, those were the times... Additional infos provided by Even Sandvik Underlid. Thanks !

While Amiga Format have more subscribers, CU win on news stand buyers by quite a big margin. They have a ABC circulation of about 30000, and it is very, very stable. They have a CD edition EVERY month, and over 50% of the CUs made come with this CD. Up here, it is very hard to still get the disk edition. The CD is awesome. Compared to same period last year, the mag is a bit thicker, I belive. 5 pages or so. Not thinner, anyway. I think it is about 110 pages + CD for £5.99 now. They have a excellent reputation. Many, many game previews each month. Still concentrating on serious articles though. Interesting reader surveys all the time. They have a mailing list.

Just Amiga Monthly

WANTED: Cover of JAM
  • From: UK
  • Since: (?)
  • Status: R.I.P., last issue published December 1995
Infos provided by Bernard Child. Thanks !

JAM was a rather good, subscription only magazine called Just Amiga Monthly. It ran to 58 editions (mostly monthly) and was produced by Jeff Walker with contributions from the readers. It was a magazine that dealt exclusively with the serious side of the Amiga and did not cover any games. It was billed as "The Worlds most Black And White Amiga Magazine"

It was produced entirely on an Amiga, using normal Amiga programs. It was printed commercially and in my opinion one of the very best Amiga magazines ever produced. It folded when Jeff no longer had the time to carry on.

It was taken over by Larry Hickmot and incorporated into EM another subscription only magazine, this time concentrating on desktop publishing. Jam was the first magazine in the UK to run regular items about AMINET and review programs from the archive. It issued the final edition in December 1995.

The One Amiga

Cover of The OneCover of The One
  • From: UK
  • Since: at least 1988
  • Status: R.I.P., last issue published December 1995
Infos and image provided by Eric Knust and image provided by Adam Smolarczyk. Thanks !

Here a description of the contents of ISSUE 3 (December 1988) of The One Price: £1.50 (pound sterling). An EMAP publication, 116 pages, glossy, professional look. Pagenumbers in the middle of the edge of the page, predominantly games contents. Atari, Amiga, PC contents. Reviewed games were mostly common to both Atari and Amiga, sometimes PC.

Reviews: 1943 (Capcom); Artura (Gremlin); Batman (Ocean); CrystalHammer (Axxiom); Falcon (Mirrorsoft/Spectrum HoloByte); Fish! (Rainbird); Flying Shark (Firebird); Garfield (The Edge); Hellfire Attack (Martech); Joan of Arc (US Gold); Operation Wolf (Ocean); Phantom Fighter (Martech); Powerdrome (Electronic Arts); Powerstyx (Axxiom); Return of the Jedi (Domark); Sorcery Plus (Virgin); Trivial Pursuit: a new beginning (Domark); Turbo Cup (Loriciels). Playguide: Speedball, Operation Wolf, Falcon; (4 pages each)

Advertisers: 17 bit software; Again Again; Baudville; Best Byte; Castle; Clik; Datel; Electric Dreams; Electronic Arts; Euromax; Evesham; Gremlin; Hammersoft; Holmesoft; Infogrames; Main Event; Megasave; Mirrorsoft; Ocean; Palace; Postronix; Rainbird; Rainbow Arts; Shekana; Software Circus; Softsellers; System 3; Titus; Trybridge; US Gold; Worldwide.

The top 10 Amiga Games in December 1988, according to The One: 1 (new) Battle Chess (Electronic Arts/ Interplay), 2 (2) Interceptor (Electronic Arts), 3 (1) Menace (Psygnosis/Psyclapse) 4 (new) Rocket Ranger (Mirrorsoft/Cinemaware), 5 (6) Ferrari Formula 1 (Electronic Arts) ,6 (10) Starray (Logotron), 7 (new) Daley Ths Olympic Challenge (Ocean), 8 (7) Firepower (Activision/MicroIllusions) ,9 (3) Chrono Quest (Psygnosis), 10 (4) POW (Actionware).
By the way, there is also an Atari Chart and a PC Chart in this edition.

Additional infos provided by Bernard Child. Thanks !

There was a magazine in the UK Called THE ONE. I never had a copy as it was a games oriented magazine. I believe it started covering C64 games and re-opened covering Amiga, but I am not sure about that.

Your Amiga

Cover of Your Amiga
  • From: UK
  • Since: at least 1989
  • Published: Bimonthly
  • Status: R.I.P., last issue published ?
Infos and image provided by Eric Knust and image provided by Adam Smolarczyk. Thanks !

From issue Feb/March 89 (UK): Price: Pound Sterling 1.50, Argus Press Group, Cover produced with Design 3D.
Contents: Features: OTG DSM, Converting Graphics, Aegis 3D, Midi Magic, Software French Style, VIP(Viruscontrol), Amiga Vision, Printer Preference, PhotoLab, Precision Database, System Programmer's guide. Entertainment: Fusion, Sorcery Plus, Pioneer Plague, Legend of the Sword, Trivial Pursuit, Captain Blood, Chrono Quest. Programming: Amiga Basic, Library Code, First words in C, Assembly Language, CLI, Music on the Amiga, Data Maker, HAM Acting(how to use HAM). Regulars: Welcome, Amiga Update.

Overall: Semi-glossy, a fair amount of Ads (sometimes every second page), importance on programming, and a variety of games. Something for everybody.

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