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Amiga DOS

Cover of Amiga DOS
  • From: Germany
  • Since: 1/1990
  • Status: R.I.P., last issue published in 4/1992
Amiga DOS was my favourite magazine in that short period of time it existed. It was made by the people that came from the magazine Joystick. I liked the style of the articles, but the layout was a bit boring.

Probably Amiga DOS was not mainstream enough to compete with the many other mags out there at that time. The market just wasn't that big. In the end, it had 140 pages but only about 10 pages of ads.

Amiga Fever

Cover not available
  • From: Germany
  • Since: 11/1998
  • Status: R.I.P 1999, last issue published in 4 / 1999, merged with AmigaOS.
  • Homepage: Amiga Fever
I bought this mag at the Computer '98 exhibition, the world's largest Amiga-fair. It looks quite good, although I personally liked the layout of AmigaOS better. After a few issues Amiga Fever was integrated into AmigaOS.

Additional infos provided by Nico Barbat. Thanks !

Amiga Fever was taken over by amigaOS, it concentrated on games and scene, less on tools and hardware.

Amiga Fun

Cover of Amiga Fun
  • From: Germany
  • Since: Around 1992
  • Status: R.I.P.
More Infos needed !

Cover scans provided by Marius Eckardt. Thanks !

Alive Amiga Future

Cover of Amiga Future
  • From: Germany
  • Since: 1998
  • Status: The only German game magazine for Amiga
  • Published: Bi-Monthly
  • Homepage:
Lots of magazines have disappearead during the last years, but this one actually started in 1998 ! It's the only Amiga game-magazine in Germany. It comes with a CD with demoversions and more.

As there are unfortunately not that many games being released for the Amiga, they can't really write that much about new games.

Additional infos provided by Nico Barbat. Thanks !

The mag has been released under Amiga Plus, but it is written by the famous German club APC&TCP.

Amiga Games

Cover of Amiga Games
  • From: Germany
  • Since: 1992
  • Status: R.I.P., last issue published in 1996, now part of Amiga Magazin
Amiga Games was the second German games-mag to be on the market and the first to come with a disk in every issue. It contains lots of color-screenshots and has a clean layout.
After it stopped publication because of lack of new Amiga-games, it is now part of the Amiga Magazin.

Amiga Joker

Cover of Amiga Joker
  • From: Germany
  • Since: 11/1989
  • Status: R.I.P., last issue published in 11/1996
Amiga Joker was the first German Amiga-mag that concentrated only on games. It's full of colors, screenshots and lookes like a comic-magazine.

Later, they also reviewed other sw/hw, also because the Amiga game-market shrinked to nearly nothing. That's also the cause why they had to stop publication.

Alive Amiga Magazin

Cover of Amiga Magazin
  • From: Germany
  • Since: 1987
  • Status: Now only as a an add-on in PCGo! magazine for subscribers. Dying soon I guess...
  • Published: Monthly, 32 pages
  • Homepage:
This is the first Amiga-mag I ever bought, and it still is the major German Amiga-publication. It has more ads than the competition. The quality is good, with some up and downs during the years. There are articles both for beginners and professionals. I guess the hard- and software tests in Amiga Magazin are important for the industry.
The layout is clean, altough a bit a lot of "white space" in my opinion. The quality overall is very good.

It has no longer been available on newsstands in Switzerland in 97, and in Germany you could only get it at very large newsstands (and by subscription of course). Now it's only available for subscribers as an add-on in a PC-magazine. The editorial tells Amigans to buy a PC, which I guess is the final point where Amigans will cancel their subscription. I give this magazine 1/2 year or so before it disappears.

I wrote on this page some time ago: When Amiga Magazin dies, the Amiga in Germany is dead.. I hope this is not true, since the main cause this mag is dying is its bad content over the last few years, and the strong competition from Amiga Plus and now also from Amiga Special, they have been more innovative.

Their new web-page looks very nice btw !

Amiga Magazin Sonderheft

Cover of Amiga Magazin Sonderheft It's a special issue from the creators of the Amiga Magazin that concentrates on one specific theme, e.g. Programming or Graphics. Very big (about 120 pages) and expensive.

I only bought one that was about game-programming. Back then, it was "in" to print pages and pages of sourcecode that people were supposed to type into their computer. That's what that issue was all about. Back then I didn't know I had to own a C-compiler to run those C-programs, so guess how I looked when those programs just didn't work (it worked with AmigaBasic, so why didn't it work with C ? :-))


Cover of AmigaOS I bought this mag at the Computer '98 exhibition, the world's largest Amiga-fair. It can be bought on newsstands and is quite popular - probably the magazine that is going to outlive the few other German mags around. It has lots of advertisements, and as it's not part of a huge publishing-company probably is produced with less cost, which is necessary to survive in today's small Amiga market.

Additional infos provided by Nico Barbat. Thanks !

Meanwhile amigaOS is the biggest Amiga magazine in Germany (regarding advertisements and buyers). It concentrates on Amiga tools and hardware news, with a few pages for gamers and sceners as well. Four times a year they are offering an additional CD as well as a co-operation-CD with Czech Amiga News collecting software news with one free commercial top-program included. On the amigaOS homepage you can find one of the biggest link collections, exclusive articles, news, surveys and the biggest games overview worldwide ...

Amiga Play Extra

Cover of Amiga Play ExtraCover of Amiga Play Extra
  • From: Germany
  • Since: Around 1992
  • Status: R.I.P.
This issue here is a special issue (Sonderheft) of Amiga Magazin, I think for some time it was a magazine-inside-the-magazine.

More Infos needed !

Cover scans provided by Marius Eckardt. Thanks !

Amiga Plus

Cover of Amiga Plus Voted the "most innovative Amiga-magazine" by Commodore Germany in 1993 (hey, how much did they pay Commodore for that ? :-)) it surely can be called most innovative today. Amiga Plus is really very active, it publishes lots of special CDs that can be bought on newsstands, it has the latest news and also lives outside print-media, e.g. in BTX, Videotext and Internet.

It was the first and only German Amiga-mag to come with a coverdisk every month. The articles and disk-contents are mostly for freaks/Amiga-hobbyists. There's also a picture-gallery where readers provide their graphics done on Amiga. They have also organized the famous and world's biggest Amiga-fair in Cologne during the first year of this exhibition, now someone else does it.

Hey, and I wrote an article for AmigaPlus once !

During the last issues, they nearly had no advertisements anymore - it seems there isn't enough market left to support two Amiga magazines in Germany.

Amiga Power

Cover of Amiga Power
  • From: Germany
  • Since: At least 1989
  • Published: Monthly
  • Status: R.I.P., last issue published in ?
Infos and Image provided by Eric Knust. Thanks !

From Amiga Power 5/89: Price: DM 5.50, pages: 64. Frontcover captions: CeBit 89: auf einen Blick, Public Domain: Power zum Nulltarif, Im Vergleich: Grafiktabletts, Brandheiß: Die neuesten Games , DFÜ: Komplett.
Contents: Custodian(game), Robocop, Math Animation, Vizawrite2, PD games, PD tools, DFÜ, Pageflipper, Deluxe Print II, GOMF 2.2, Documentum(text), Artura(game), Galdregons Domain(adventure), Zany Golf, Gauntlett II, Comparison Grafic tabletts, Letters, Imageworks, Raytracing part 2,Data Becker's DOS book,

28 advertisers. Anschrift in 1989: Amiga Power Postfach 1161, 8044 Unterschleißheim. Vertrieb Verlagsunion Wiesbaden. Printed bei ADV, Aindlinger Str.17-19 Augsburg.

Overall : Semi-glossy cover pages, not much colour inside, mostly black and white pages except for a few articles. Contents solid, but lacked the top professional look inside.

Amiga Public Domain

Cover of Amiga Public Domain
  • From: Germany
  • Since: Around 1992
  • Status: R.I.P.
More Infos needed !

Cover scans provided by Marius Eckardt. Thanks !

Amiga Praxis

Cover of Amiga Praxis
  • From: Germany
  • Since:
  • Status: R.I.P.
I've seen this mags for some years on newsstands, but never bought it, it was quite expensive, and at that time, there was a lot of choice in Amiga magazines. I think this mag was around for 2-3 years, at least on Swiss newsstands.

More Infos needed !

Cover scans provided by Marius Eckardt. Thanks !

Amiga Special

Cover of Amiga Special
  • From: Germany/Austria
  • Since: 1988/89
  • Status: R.I.P., ceased publication in 1999
  • Published: Every other month
  • Homepage:
Amiga Special has been there for as long as I can remember. It's the first German Amiga magazine published at newsstands. Compared to other Amiga-mags, you once could have called this the "boulevard"-version of Amiga-magazines. It is a kind of "scene-magazine", but going "mainstream" also. It has always been the mag with the lowest price until they began including a CDROM and disk.

They changed from monthly to every-other-month in 1997.

However, their 10-year anniversary issue makes them look very good. That issue comes with a CD and disk, and has lots of ads. It has interesting articles. It seems that they recovered. They are the first German Amiga-magazine to come with a CDROM, and there's a disk included as well. My personal opinion is that it has become a LOT better, it's really a good magazine now. Unfortunately, they stopped publishing it in 1999.

Amiga Welt (Amiga World Germany)

Cover of Amiga Welt
  • From: Germany
  • Since: 1987 (?)
  • Status: R.I.P., last issue published in about 1990
Images provided by Eric Knust. Thanks !

Another IDG Publication, with the same logo and some similar articles as the original US Amiga World.

It was one of the earliest German Amiga magazines, but was only published every other month to my knowledge. It was a bit boring to read and quite expensive in my opinion, however, I don't remember it very well.

Additional infos provided by Eric Knust. Thanks !

From Amiga Welt 4/89 Juli/August: Price DM 12.-, 184 pages, 16 pages help for beginners, Key template for DPaint III, Lots of articles on video and graphics: Digi View Gold Digitizer, Tricks with Halfbrite, Raytracing, Director, Ham Animations with Photon Paint 2, Animations with DPaint III. Midi- and Soundsampling, Public Domain Fish-ACS-TBag, Magellan, Letters, Impressum, Books, Infomarket,

Very few ads, just a few games at the end, no listing of Editors etc except one name: Ute Bahn with picture in the editorial. Overall : A professional, informing quality magazin in the style of the german "Amiga Magazin".


Cover of Kickstart
  • From: Germany
  • Since: 6/1987
  • Status: R.I.P., last issue published in 1/1993
I bought some of the Kickstart issues, but at that time there were so many Amiga magazines you could buy, this one just didn't stand out too much. It was a bit too boring for me, but it was a good professional magazine.

Kickstart had some kind of alliance with MAXON, a German Software-company that is still very active today (Cinema 4 , Maxon C++...). In the end, about 70% of all ads in Kickstart were from MAXON.

After publication stopped, it was somehow integrated into Amiga Plus, I guess they signed a deal that they could place the Kickstart-logo onto the AmigaPlus-Logo so they "port" the readers to Amiga Plus instead of other magazines.


Cover of Joystick
  • From: Germany
  • Since: 1987 (?)
  • Status: R.I.P., last issue published in 1989
Well, Joystick was not an Amiga-mag, but as it was the first computer magazine I ever bought in my life, even before I had a computer, I have to mention it :-)

Some of the guys that made Joystick switched to Amiga DOS after Joystick wasn't here anymore.

As with Amiga DOS, I really liked to read the articles, even from games that were for C64 or PC. The "Helpline" for adventure-games were written like real stories, you didn't have to buy a science-fiction book or buy the game, just read the solution in Joystick. However, when they finally managed to improve the boring layout, the best issue they ever made was the last one.

BS Digitronic, Swiss Amiga Distributor Amiga User Group Switzerland

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